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Het Beatrix Theater staat garant voor een gezellige middag of avond uit
Het Beatrix Theater staat garant voor een gezellige middag of avond uit


Rolling fields, winding roads, scattered woods and tall old trees. Twente with its various nature areas is the perfect place for relaxing, walking, visiting an estate or going on a lovely, long cycle tour.

Eulogizing Twente is not hard. This region in the farthest corner of Overijssel is simply beautiful and special. Hiking through Twente is going slantwise, past hedges and wooded banks, through stream valleys, woods and pastures, past bridges and carefully ruminating cows and wavy corn and grain and red roofs rising above the fields.

If you are looking for the atmosphere in the country side as it used to be, there;s not better place than the region above Oldenzaal-Almelo, around Ootmarsum. If you are interested in peat bogs, you have come to the right place as well.

Above Ootmarsum is where you will find Twente's real pride: the Springendal. A romantic erosion calley with picturesque ponds, small waterfalls and brooklets, surrounded by wooded areas and historic farms.

Nature area Springendel of 365 hectares is located near Ootmarsum. This is Twente at its best with picturesque seepage ponds, small waterfalls and brooklets, in the middle of the wood, hills, pastures, small lakes, meadowland, heath and historic farms.

Lutterzand is a unique nature area with the river Dinkel. Meandering its way through the area it has has created steep slopes with sandy underground. This nature area is unique in the Netherlands. It appears time has come to a standstill here and that nature has been unaffected by any activity the past century.
The river Dinkel near Lutterzand is the perfect relatively cool location to be on a warm summer day