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Special estates

Twente has lovely and special estates to visit.

Twente, a region where life is green. Combined with its authentic cultural heritage it offers the ideal setting for a lovely stay and an enriched life.

Twickel estate

Near the village of Delden in Twente is where you will find Twickel castle, located on a beautiful estate that covers 4000 hectares. The varied landscape consists of slightly rolling fields and pastures, woods and centuries-old oak trees, heath and pools.

The estate comprises approx. one hundred fifty farms that distinguish themselve by their black and white shutters, besides other buildings, including two water milles, the water tower and sawmill. Twickel is a fine example of harmony between culture and nature.

Singraven estate

The Singraven estate is in a lovely location, by the river Dinkel, close to the village of Denekamp. The estate has many special monumental building, including the grand Singraven Huis, the coach house behind it and the centuries old water mill with three wheels. Singraven offers a versatile landscape with woods, lanes, fields, pastures, marsh land and the always present Dinkel river. The estate has a lot to offer: a fascinating cultural history, soothing and interesting nature, active recreation opportunities, including cycle and hiking tours.

Diepenheim estate
The Warmelo estate is located in Diepenheim that is part of the "Hof van Twente" municipality. The castles dates back to the year 1339 and is surrounded by a 7-hectare park. Via a marked hiking route you will be introduced to four centuries of garden architecture: 16th and 17th century formal garden with among other things a rococo pond, statues, a rose garden and bird garden. an English style 18th century conifer garden, a forested area and ponds. The "Warmelo" boasts a large variety of azaleas, large rhododendrons, exotic plants and many pot plants. There is a teashop at the coach house.